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Super Strong Black Ant herbal&natural male erectile capsule
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Super Strong Black Ant herbal&natural male erectile capsule
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Super Strong Black Ant herbal&natural male erectile capsule

Super Strong Black Ant herbal&natural male erectile capsule 

Super Strong Black Ant 

This product is from Stanford University,Professor Blake Myers,after nearly five years

from the development.Tracking the use of biological information,with tens of thousands

 of species optimum ratio of the original ratio of drug programs,and after thousands of

cases of verification to confirm the product is the world's preferred male

kidney,exciting products,regulation of human metabolic balance after taking.Facilitate

the rapid erection male sex organs,thickening,increased delay,Pei-Yuan

coupon.Promote the development of secondary sexual organs.So strong and powerful

extension of intercourse time and improve quality of life.

Main components:

the essence of special public ant extract,deer,antler,cordyceps, saffron, wolfberry

fruit,epimedium,fleece-flower root,Eucommia as the main raw material.


Sexual dysfunction,impotence do not move,dizziness,insomnia,back pain

limp,prompting the second development.Pure Chinese medicine,

underlying causes,cure impotence and premature ejaculation,but not very strong,and

good efficacy in patients with prostate,high blood pressure,heart patients can take and

 drink does not take effect.


those male kidney is less


orally take one pill 15-30 minutes before sex


1000mg*4capsules*3small boxes


Sealed,cool,dry place


3 years

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